GSA urged to ensure goods, services meet int’l standards

The Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr Michael Okyere Baafi, has asked the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), to ensure that goods manufactured in the country meet international market standards.

He, therefore, urged the GSA to forge closer relationship with industry players and manufacturers towards the production of quality goods and services for the international market.

The Deputy Minister made the call yesterday, at a flag raising ceremony in Accra, to mark this year’s World Standards Day, on the theme “standard for sustainable development goals: shared vision for a better world”.

The day is celebrated globally on October 14, to among other things, honour the efforts of the thousands of expert who developed voluntary standards within standards development organisations.

Mr Baafi asked the GSA to adopt this year’s theme for the event as a benchmark for measuring the quality of goods and services.

He said that was the only way to ensure the quality of life and human development, with the expectation of promoting peace and prosperity throughout the world.

He asked the GSA to project the standards of goods and services as a shared responsibility for a better Ghana, in echoing the President’s “Better Ghana Agenda and industrialisation drive”.

Mr Baafi said “All over the world, standards are the most important drivers in the process of rapid industrialisation and technology development. Innovations are driven, not only by the markets, but also by the rewards of recognition and trademark that are enabled by standardisation”.

He noted that “innovators rely greatly on standards developed by International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), International Organisation for Standardisation and International Telecommunications Union, in ensuring seamless compatibility, interoperability and marketability of new technology”.

Mr Baafi said GSA could not measure its success without the international benchmark applicable to all countries, hence the need for the Authority to ensure high standards of goods and services in the country.

He noted that “standards are needed for the full realisation of Ghana’s potential for the betterment of our society, since without it, the speed of change and innovation will not be possible.”

The Director General of the GSA, Professor Alex Dodoo, said the Authority had over the years collaborated with local and international stakeholders to promote the standardisation of goods and Services.

He said although such partnership had already being established, the GSA would strengthen its efforts of ensuring that manufacturers produce goods and services that would meet international standards.


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