GSA undertakes expansion of NMI facility in Accra

The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) is undertaking a project to expand it Science Metrology Department into a €2 million National Metrology Institute (NMI) facility in Accra.

This would help the Authority to maintain accurate and reliable measurement standard, and as well standardise devices and equipment used in laboratories.

It would receive technical support from the National Metrology Institute of Germany (PTB).

The project when completed would strengthen and provide accurate metrological service to those in the oil and gas sector, agriculture, health, construction and the environment sector, which have a growing demand for metrological services in Ghana and the ECOWAS region.

Funds for the NMI would be provided by German government through the German Cooperation Deutsche ZusammrnarBeit, whilst the Ministry of Trade and Industry becomesthe political partner of the project.

To this end, the Authority yesterday engaged stakeholders in Accra, to gather their concerns and input which would beincorporated into the establishment of NMI facility, which would also calibrate weight and measurement devices.

The Director General of the GSA, Professor Alex Dodoo said,the cocoa and cashew industry among others, had made series of complaints with regards to weight and measurement, as some farmers felt  weight devices used in measuring their products  had been tempered with.

“There has never been a consistent way of measuring cereals as farmers and buyers felt there is imbalance in the weight measurement.

This had becoming a major challenge for some institution such as COCOBOD, as they are willing to invest to address the situation. This tell us that tempering is real and is gradually affecting businesses,” he said.

Professor Doodo said, there has also been several complaints were people who go and check their Blood Pressure (BP) get inaccurate figures evening after visiting various clinics in the health sector.

“Life is about numbers, and that numbers must be founded on the foundation of truth or fact.If people keep getting inaccurate figures after checking their BP, Sugar and Cholesterol level, then it means people’s lives are being endangered,” he said.

The PTB Project Consultant, Mrs. Christina Foerge-Wimmer said, the establishment of the NMI means that, the GSA would henceforth not send any device for calibration in other countries which is often  time consuming and cost intensive.

She said, as Ghana becomes a quality hub in Africa, the sub-region is expected to benefit from this project, as it contributes to domestic and foreign companies.


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