GSA top officials cited for contempt

 Some top officials of the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) have been cited for contempt for allegedly failing or refusing to restore two employees to their original positions.

They are Chairman of the GSA Governing Board, Prof. Felix Mills Robertson, other board members, Marty Taylor, Idrissu Abdulai and Dr Opoku Ware Ampomah.

The employees behind the action are Richard Asiedu Ofori, who, prior to the events leading to the legal action, was Head of the Industrial Metrology Depart­ment and Evans Asiedu, who was Head of Legal Metrology Department.

Mr Ofori was transferred to the GSA’s Eastern Regional Office as Regional Manager while Mr Asie­du was transferred to the Bono East Regional Office as Regional Manager.

The two were part of a legal action initiated against these transfers at the High Court. The High Court then presided over by Justice Gifty Agyei Addo in August 2022 quashed the transfer of the two employees, describing it as being at variance with the transfer policy of the Authority.

The said transfers were quashed by the court because it found that they were undergoing approved courses of study at the time of the transfer.

The two employees hold the view that they should have, as a result of this decision, be reinstat­ed to their original positions.

They were, however, posted to the Administration Directorate of the Authority. The two contend that this amounts to a demotion and they were even unqualified to take up such roles. They have since, thorough their lawyers, written demanding reinstatement.

With this request not being heeded, the employees have head­ed to court accusing the officials of being in contempt of court and want them punished. —

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