GROHE joins World Skills International to promote skills training

GROHE has joined World Skills International, a global platform, to raise the profile and recognition of skilled people, as its newest global partner.

GROHE first supported the skill competition, Plumbing and Heating, in WorldSkills Kazan 2019.

Now as a global partner, GROHE will extend its support to WorldSkills Shanghai 2022.

Commenting on the issue, Jonas Brennwald, Leader, LIXIL EMENA said “We are delighted to strengthen our collaboration with WorldSkills. Professional skills are critical for the sanitary industry. Together we can demonstrate what impact skilled professionals can have today and for the more sustainable future that we all strive for”.

The Chief Executive Officer of WorldSkills International, David Hoey, said “GROHE is joining the global skills community of industry, education, and government partners to raise the profile of young skilled professionals around the world.”

He stressed “You are supporting the increase in abilities, status, and economic prospects of young people. With you, our global partners, we are creating a more inclusive, sustainable, and innovative future through skills.”

“After three years since the first contact with WorldSkills, we are more than happy to join forces internationally and support young people with our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the sanitary industry,” said TimoKurz, Leader GIVE Programme and WorldSkills, LIXIL EMENA.

He said the new partnership was part of GROHE’s efforts to address the shortage of skilled installers in the sanitary industry.

 “GROHE Installer Vocational Training and Education” (GIVE) Programme is collaborating with over 40 institutions offering plumbing training across the EMENA region. To help improve training facilities, GROHE sets up a fully functioning training environment where students can benefit from the brand’s vast expertise,” Mr Kurz, said.

 He said GIVE supports schools in creating a uniform approach with modern equipment, training material and a written examination that sets new industry standards.

WorldSkills International builds confidence, empowers communities and helps to fuel economies.

The organisation also inspires young people to develop a passion for skills and pursuing excellence, through competitions and promotions.

Furthermore, the organisationhelpsdevelop skills through global training standards, benchmarking systems, and enhancing industry engagement and influence industry, government, and educators through cooperation and research-building a global platform of skills for all.

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