Few days ago, we published a story about the destruction of some pylons of GRIDCO that plunged some areas into darkness.

The destruction of the pylons was suspected to be the work of saboteurs who vandalised the pylons in order to pilfer bolts and nuts.

The action by the thieves plunged many areas in Accra, Tema and Kumasi into darkness and caused damage to the pylons that transmit power to those areas.

The Ghanaian Times joined many Ghanaians to condemn the saboteurs whose action threatened the lives of Ghanaians and might have caused the death of others.

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In fact, our position is that the security agencies must not leave any stone unturned in tracking down the thieves whose action constitutes threat to national safety and security.

While condemning the sabotage against the work of power distributors, we must equally blame GRIDCO for their inaction against encroachers who have occupied many spaces under their pylons and plying their trade.

We have published elsewhere in this paper the activities of mechanics, drinking bar operators and traders who have besieged several pylons in their area.

According to the story, GRIDCO is looking on while these groups of people engage in various activities including the use of naked flames in welding, cooking and burning refuse.

This is dangerous and yet no action is being taken to clear the people although they have been occupying those areas for years.

The Ghanaian Times’ observation is that despite red markings cautioning encroachers to stay away, these people continue to do brisk business in total disregard for the warnings.

We think that it is dangerous to continue to allow these people to operate under the high tension towers.

Apart from its health implications, the activities also pose danger to the pylons.

The county continues to spend enormous amount of many to invest in power generation and distribution and, therefore, everyone is duty bound to protect the assets of the power generation and distribution companies.

But more importantly, we urge GRIDCO to take steps to protect such installations and other national assets which play very vital roles in national development.

The activities of the encroachers must not be allowed to continue as they pose danger to the pylons.

We urge the law enforcement agencies and GRIDCO to take immediate steps to evict them now to save the pylons and country from future mishap.

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