Greek Foreign Ministerpushes for close relationship with Ghana

The Greek Foreign Minister, Mr. Nikos Dendias, has called for the strengthening of the friendly relationship with Ghana for the mutual benefit of both countries.

He said, the Greek government would like to be part of Ghana’s future by working together to transform both countries’ economy development in areas, but not limited to maritime, energy, and tourism.

“We can work in all sorts of ways together. We can cooperate in energy, we can cooperate in the maritime industry, the Greek maritime fleet, which is the biggest in the world, and really cooperate on how we can bring the techniques of renewable energy and tourism.

I will like to say that my country Greek will like to be part of Ghana’s future. We would like to work together and transform our common friendship to a new level,” Mr. Dendias said yesterday when he visited the St. Nicholas Preparatory School at Tema New Town in Accra.

Speaking to the school children after various cultural performances, MrDendias congratulated the Tsakos Foundation and Mytilinaios Company for the amazing job they were doing to transform the lives of the children.

He used the occasion to donate 150,000 AstraZeneca vaccines to the government, to contain the spread of the COVID-19.

Minister Dendias and his delegation which included the Greek Ambassador to Nigeria, handed over two paintings as well as many books and other items to the school.

Archbishop PetrosParginos of the Orthodox Archdiocese of Accra and West Africa underscored the importance of education in empowering the youth for the future.

“We are very true and firm believers in education and the role education play in empowering people for the future, I pledged to support the students who complete the Junior High school to continue the Secondary course at the St Peters College, Larteh.

“We thought that it is a wonderful opportunity that if people finish here we can then offer them that opportunity in Larteh St Peters College at a private school that offers quality education,” he said.

Ms. Deborah Eleazar, co-founder, and Trustee of the St Nicholas Charity said the school was encouraged about the Minister’s visit and presented the Minister with a Kente cloth, beads, and a painting.


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