‘Govt responsive to citizenry demands’

Madam Harriet Nuamah-Agyemang

Madam Harriet Nuamah-Agyemang

Harriet Nuamah-Agyemang, a Senior Programme Officer of SEND-Ghana has revealed that the government has been responsive to the demands of the citizenry.

She posited that 24 out of the 39 top priorities of projects worked on the past four years had been included in the government’s budget saying, “Apart from the citizenry demands, the government has also become responsive to citizens’ demands and out of the 39 citizens’ priorities presented over four years has found space in the annual budget.

Madam Harriet Nuamah-Agyemang was addressing stakeholders on ‘Making the budget work for Ghana’, a four-year project under the Global Partnership for Social Accountability Initiative.

Funded by the World Bank at a cost of $850,000, the project, which is an initiative of SEND-Ghana, sought to address governance challenges that affect the effective and efficient delivery of basic education and health services.

Madam Harriet Nuamah-Agyemang lauded the government for implementing 50 per cent of the said issues and appealed to the citizenry to be patient with the government in terms of policy implementation.

“Out of the 24 issues, 50 per cent has been implemented, so you should know that if the government say they will do it, they will but sometimes it takes time because it requires money, all of us must be patient and wait but we must not just be patient, we must continue to push until we see the promise fulfilled.

“We targeted seven issues at the beginning of the project because we are not sure the government will listen, so we gave ourselves some minimal requirements and we have been overwhelmed by the response we have received from the government,” Madam Harriet Nuamah-Agyemang intimated. –ghanaweb.com

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