Govt on path to rescue ailing economy – NPP

 The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has given assurance that the government is on the path to rescue the ailing economy to bring relief to the suffering Ghana­ians.

It admitted that the economy was in difficulty but appealed to the cit­izenry to have trust and confidence in the government to stabilise and restore it to normalcy.

“Times are difficult, we are in cri­sis, but we are working hard to bring the economy back to life, the Presi­dent accepts we are in difficult times and he knows citizens are suffering but the government will rescue the nation from the ailing economy,” the party intimated.

Richard Mensah, the Central Regional Secretary of NPP, said President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo recognised the hard­ships and urged Ghanaians to bear with the government.

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He insisted that the crisis was not peculiar to Ghana and majority of the factors that had sent the econ­omy reeling were external, adding that the developed economies were struggling with some of the issues beyond us the government.

“We do not have control over them, for instance, petrol prices are high everywhere, in some places it is scarce, the youth of NPP should be proud and not entertain thoughts of defecting to any other political party but muster courage to explain current situation to their counterparts.

“The NPP government has been exceptional in the Central Region since 2017 since it performed exceptionally well so we have to be proud as members and the worse state of NPP is better than the best of the National Democratic Congress (NDC),” Mr Mensah contended.

James Korsah-Brown, Head of Financial Advisory, State Interest and Governance Authority, re­jected claims the crisis were result of government’s bad policies and mismanagement of state resources, instead, the economy was victim of merciless external shocks such as COVID-19 pandemic and Russia invasion of Ukraine which had sent prices of petroleum products sky­rocketing globally.

He indicated that the government had been prudent with the man­agement of state resources, would reorient position of the economy to ensure it was well-placed in order to ameliorate the plight of the citizen­ry.

Nana Ansah, the NPP Constitu­ency Youth Organiser for Ekumfi, who spearheaded the creation of the youth wing, noted that it was part of efforts to take back the Ekumfi parliamentary seat from the NDC and win the 2024 elections towards a historic third conservative electoral victory over NDC.

“As a youth organiser, this is my first major project that you tasked me to do and with support and assistance from my other executives, we executed it well however, the real job now is for us to hit the ground running immediately because 2024 will not be an easy battle,” he allud­ed.

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