Govt must consider Universal Mobile Wallet System to drive financial inclusion

The government and policy makers must engineer policies that will cause a “quantum shift and drive massive participation in the digital eco-system, Vodafone Ghana’s Legal and External Affairs Director, Geta Striggner-Quartey has said.

She said, having made a commitment to bridge the digital and economic divide with its purpose led agenda, Vodafone Ghana in an industry first, completely waived charges to any network via Vodafone Cash.

“We urge the government to lift barriers to significantly drive increased usage and acceptance across board. Having a universal wallet system which makes it possible for customers to access funds from every mobile agent will be a game changer,” she said.

Vodafone’s External Director said such a dispensation would usher in an era of real universal digital financial inclusiveness for the populace.

Madam Striggner-Quartey who was speaking at the second edition of the Telecoms Chamber’s Mobile Technology for Development (MT4D) programme called on the government to consider bringing down the cost of owning a mobile device in the country.

“Government can collaborate with smart phone manufacturers and operators as to make more smart phones reach nearly every adult. Additionally, government can drive usage and adoption by waiving VAT on mobile devices,” she added.

She noted that at Vodafone Ghana, they reckon everyone must be connected, to reap the benefits of a digital transformation and be part of the digital economy.

Held on the theme, ‘The Rise of Africa: Promoting Africa’s Sustainable Digital Ecosystem,’ she said innovative technology solution and partnerships had played a key role in cushioning the human impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The economic repercussion of the pandemic has also widened the digital divide. The more reason why Vodafone Ghana’s Pan-African initiative Africa Connected seeks to harness the power of technology to accelerate “our efforts to build a better, more resilient, inclusive and green Africa,” she said.

 Madam Striggner-Quartey said there was the need for the movement to liberalise the Mobile Money (MoMo) platform to make digital payments more active through the eco-system and at merchant points.



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