Goodwill Sports Envoy congratulates Black Stars coach

Goodwill Sports Ambas­sador, Mr Ray Quarcoo, has congratu­lated Chris Hughton on his appointment as the new head coach of the national football team, the Black Stars.

Barely a week ago, the Ghana Football Associa­tion (GFA) appointed the former Brighton manager as the Black Stars’ head coach.

“I would like to con­gratulate you on your appointment as the new head coach of the Black Stars,” said Ambassador Quarcoo, a former vice chairman of the Black Stars’ Welfare Committee.

“I strongly believe your rich experience in coaching will propel our flagship football brand, the Black Stars, to the pedestal we have always desired it to be.

“As a former Black Stars Management Com­mittee member, l urge you to strive for nothing but excellence, be open to constructive criticisms and be your own man.

“My doors will always be open to you, to brain­storm on how best we can make the Black Stars shine brighter.

“I wish you success in your endeavours to gain better outcomes for the Black Stars, to fulfil the great expectations of football-crazy Ghanaians, home and abroad,” con­cluded the sports envoy, a former president of the Ghana Boxing Federa­tion (GBF).

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