Golf: 2021 Amateur Pro-Qualifierstees off

Twenty-four (24) scratch golf players across the country are competing atDamang in the Western region in the 2021 Amateur Pro-Qualifiers at the Gold Fields Golf Course.

MrMichiel Van Der Merwe, General Manager for Damang Gold Fields, performed the tee-off ceremony yesterday, asking the golfers to grab the opportunity given them to become professional golfers.

Golfers that excelled will be granted license to play as professionals.

”Arriving here in Damang to participate in this amateur Pro-qualifier means you are talented. It is not easy to reduce your Handicaps to become a professionals but that is exactly what you are chasing. I have tried in many years to reduce my Handicap to just 24 but have not been successful.”

The 24participants were drawn from the Tafo, Royal, Achimota, Centre of the World, Celebrity, Nsuta and theDamanggolf clubs.

MrAkwasiPrempeh, the Tournament Director for PGA of Ghana, organizers of the competition, said, there will be five slots for grabs and a +12 standard scratch score (SSS) benchmark set for qualification.

He explained that should there be a tie, the Executive Committee of the PGA will organize a sudden death for specific number of holes to break the tie.

The four-day event is expected to end on Saturday at Ghana’s St. Andrews Golf Course at Damang.


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