Gold Fields Club wins Farmers’ Day Triangular Tennis Tourney

Gold Fields Tennis Club were crowned winners of the 2022 Farmer’s Day tennis tournament with wins over Ho Tennis and Kings Tennis clubs at Gold Fields Tennis Club, Tarkwa, over the weekend.

The day’s event saw three tennis clubs – Gold Fields, King’s and Ho Tennis clubs, compete in singles, doubles and one ladies double matches where each club participated in nine games.

Gold Fields showed class and maintained their home record with 10 wins in the singles event, seven doubles, one ladies doubles and a defeat to Ho tennis club in women’s double.

Second-placed Ho Tennis Club won four singles, five doubles games and a single defeat to Kings Tennis Club.

Speaking to the media, Chairman of the Tarkwa Gold Fields Tennis Club, MrGodfredAvane thanked the organisers for organizing the tournament.

Mr Joseph Dzamesi, Chairman of the Ho Tennis Club said, the experiment was laudable and advised organisers to hold more of such competitions to give players the platform to exhibit their talent.


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