Gokals opens new laboratory …to provide effective services to clients

Gokals Limited, a healthcare distribution company, has opened a new laboratory to provide effective ophthalmological services to clients.

The laboratory service forms part of the company’s effort to increase access to eye health services and improve the well-being of the people.

Speaking at the opening of the GokalsAniLaboratory, the Registrar of Health Facilities Regulatory Agency (HeFRA), Dr Philip Bannor, said good sight was an important part of human being and advised Ghanaians to go for early eye screening before their eye problems got complicated.

He implored management of the laboratory to ensure proper maintenance of the facility to guarantee its sustainability to the benefit of all.

DrBarnor commended the company for choosing Ghana, out of the lot to boost Ghana’s aspirations to attain Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

He urged Ghanaians to take their visual health seriously, adding that there was a need for people to access proper eye care, in order not to lose one’s sight or have problems with the sight.

The Registrar of HeFRA explained that most people in Ghana had eye problems that could be solved but because of lack of education on how to keep one’s eyesight healthy, they do not access eye health care.

Ashish Gokals, CEO of GokalsAniLaboratory, noted that eye conditions and vision impairment played a critical role in every facet of life.

“We take vision for granted, but without vision, we struggle to learn to walk, to read, to participate in school, and to work,” he said.

He explained that vision impairment occurred when an eye condition affected the visual system and one or more of its vision functions.

For him vision impairment had serious consequences for the individual across the life course; “many of these consequences can, however, be mitigated by timely access to quality eye care and rehabilitation.

“Eye conditions that can cause vision impairment and blindness such as cataract, trachoma, and refractive error are, for good reasons, the main focus of prevention and other eye care strategies; nevertheless, the importance of eye conditions that do not typically cause vision impairment such as dry eye and conjunctivitis must not be overlooked,” he said.

He warned that not paying attention to the eyes could lead to total blindness and cause economic hardship for them and the country.


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