GOC, GWF officials mourn with Aboagye’s family

The top brass of the Ghana Weight­lifting Federation (GWF) and the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) on Friday paid a visit to the family of the deceased former president of the GWF – Mr Johnson Clif­ford Abaogye.

Aboagye, 71, who passed away on December 14, last year, was the sport’s boss from 2002 to 2008.

A strong-powered delegation led by GOC President, Mr Ben Nunoo Mensah and ably support­ed by the GWF capo, Mr Jerry Ahmed Shaib, paid glowing trib­utes to the departed chairman.

Other members of the delega­tion include Reverend Emmanuel Nikoi (board member of GOC), Gideon Sackey (Treasurer, GWF), Joseph Sintim (board member, GWF), Seth Avayi (Admin Officer, GWF), GWF head coach Michael Johnson Abotsi and assistants, Daniel Darko and Nii Darko Dodoo as well as lifters Sandra Owusu and Winifred Ntumi.

The GOC and the GWF capos took turns to commiserate with the bereaved family with words of inspiration as they eulogised the works of the late Aboagye when he was president of the heavy-metal sport years back.

The delegation also presented 10 cartons of bottled water to the family, promising to support the funeral proper in due time.

Son of the deceased who spoke on behalf of the family, Mr Lenin Aboagye, was grateful for the visit and thanked the delegation for demonstrating love and support to the family since the death of their dad.

He said the family felt very mo­tivated and “we know dad would be smiling wherever he is now.”

Mr Aboagye achieved many suc­cesses as president of the GWF, winning the first Commonwealth Games gold for Ghana in Mel­bourne, Australia, 2006.

Final funeral rites for him will be held at the frontage of the State House on February 25, next month.

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