GNFS advises Ghanaians to observe fire precautions during Yuletide

The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) is imploring Ghanaians to observe basic fire precautions to ensure that they do not fall victim to fire during the Christmas and New Year festivities.

According to the Service, the prevailing weather conditions made everything susceptible to fire and was therefore important for one to observe fire safety tips across the country.

The Acting (AG) Chief Fire Officer of the GNFS, Julius Kuunor in his Christmas and New Year message to Ghanaians in a statement issued and signed on Friday said this with an outline of some fire safety tips to be observed in this festive season.

He charged Ghanaians not to pour water into a pan when it catches fire during cooking, “instead, use fire blanket, wet cloth or sack to cover the pan.”

“Once the fire is off, wait for a while before removing the sack, cloth or

blanket and continue with your cooking,” he added.

Again, the Acting Chief Fire Officer of the GNFS urged all to switch off all electrical appliances when leaving their homes and workplaces.

“Ensure that when leaving home, all electrical gadgets such as TV‘s, Radio Sets,

Home Theatres are switched off and unplugged from the socket,” he stated.

Also, Mr Kuunor asked all vehicle owners to conduct early morning routine checks on their vehicles, especially the water and oil levels and ensure that all electrical problems were taken proper care of by their auto electricians.

He advised farmers to avoid burning as a means of clearing farmlands and

grazing of cattle.

“Farmers who intend to burn slash bushes as land preparation for crop

cultivation should have bush fire volunteers on stand-by,” he added.

Concerning the handling of naked light, he said proper care must be put in place in the handling of naked light. Candles, Mosquito Coils and Lanterns should not be left unattended to, especiallyduring this period.

For this, he called on parents not to allow their children play with naked fire in order to avert any accident or fire outbreak.

Furthermore, Acting Chief Fire Officer Kuunor cautioned drivers “not to engage in over-speeding and over-taking to avoid road traffic collision, as visibility has reduced.”

Beach revelers were also cautioned not to swim beyond demarcated point.


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