Global Evangelical Church to open branches in Uganda

The Global Evangelical Church (GEC) would soon open branches in Uganda in East Africa., to give citizens of that country the opportunity to worship with the church.

The branches would also give chance to Ghanaian members, who have travelled there, to fellowship at the GEC.

Towards this end, Mr George Martin Geria, a Ugandan church worker, communications expert and an entrepreneur, is on a-fact-finding mission to the Global Evangelical Church in Ghana.

He is expected to spend three weeks in the country within which he would interact with the leadership and members of the church.

Mr Geria would participate in several activities of the church, including the Men’s Ministry International Convention 2019, church services, daily morning devotions, and pay visits to some Presbyteries of the church in Ho, Lome and Kumasi.

At the end of the visit, Mr Geria is expected to replicate all best practices of the church in the new branches, that would be established in Uganda.

In a brief interview with “Global Light,” Mr Geria disclosed that, plans were far advanced to have the Global Evangelical Church registered in Uganda.

He explained that there would be the need to modify the name of the church, but said the Ugandan branches would pay allegiance to the mother church in Ghana.

Mr Geria said a group is already in Kampala to ensure the opening of church branches in that country.

The Moderator of the GEC, Right Rev Dr Setorwu Ofori, said during his visit to Uganda last year, it was obvious that the people were ready to accept the church.

He said the GEC would not lower its standards as set for it by God, and ensure that the unique selling propositions of the church, which include “Global Welcome, Global Worship and Global Word,” are maintained.

Mr Martin Geria is married to Beatrice Geria, with  four adult children who are all  born–again Christians.

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