Ghanaians urged to renew sense of nationalism

THE chairman of the Christian Council of Ghana (CCG), Rt Rev. Dr Seth Senyo Agidi, has urged Ghanaians to renew sense of nationalism and fiercely fight corruption in officialdom,

The clergyman, who made the call in an Easter message through the Ghanaian Times on Saturday, also cautioned the people against gluttony and binge drinking during the celebration.

Rev. Dr Agidi, who is also the Moderator of the General Assembly of the E.P. Church, Ghana, asked Ghanaians to be honest, patriotic, work hard and unite to prevent the country from becoming a failed state.

He said breakdown of moral values among the citizenry, unmitigated corruption and dishonesty in officialdom and political circles, posed a bleak future for the nation.

According to Rev. Dr Agidi, strife and conflict situations were looming over the country with deceitfulness and evil going on unpunished.

“Let us use the period of Easter to remind ourselves of the selfless life of Christ who placed the wellbeing of others before himself and anything else,” he said.

Rev. Dr Agidi reminded those in positions of authority, that Christ washed the feet of his disciples, and said that their positions were not meant to fill their pockets, but rather to serve the people with diligence, humility and honesty as Christ did.

“He always protected his disciples and asked nothing in return,” said Rev. Dr Agidi.

He condemned nepotism, dishonesty and mistrust in the civil service and urged Christians who constituted almost 70 per cent of the citizenry, to lead the crusade to fight corruption in society.

Rev. Dr Agidi urged Ghanaians to embrace the spirit of hard work and refrain from seeking instant wealth from pastors who claimed they could perform miracles.

“Those who are looking for more money should be ready to spend more time on job, working in the spirit of punctuality, truthfulness, great zeal and enthusiasm,” he advised.

Christianity, Rev. Dr Agidi indicated sought to ensure productivity and resourcefulness to alleviate poverty, ignorance and diseases and not to acquire money through evil means.

He condemned pastors who had turned themselves into bed-mates of politicians for monetary favours and perpetuating backwardness and corruption.

“The days when manner fell from heaven are gone, and so, we must all avoid laziness and work hard for our country to move forward, rather than running to so-called miracle pastors for instant wealth,” Rev. Dr Agidi said.


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