Ghanaians urged to consume millet for healthy life

The Indian High Com­missioner in Accra, Mr Sugandh Rajaram, has urged Ghanaians to consume more millet in order to live a healthy and sustainable life.

He noted that a number of health benefits will be derived by adopting the initiative of con­suming millet due to its nutritious value

“One of the ways that we as people from Global South; Af­ricans, Indians, Asians, Ghana­ians can do is to adopt what we produce in order to change our lifestyle,” he said.

Mr Rajaram was speaking at the launch of this year’s International Year of Millets (IYM) in Accra on Sunday.

The United Nations declared 2023 as the International Year of Millets, following a proposal by India. The main aim of the initiative is to popularise millets by including it in our daily diet.

As part of an awareness cam­paign to promote millet-based diets in Ghana, the Commission celebrated the IYM alongside the ‘Food Festival of India.’

The Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture (MoFA), Mr Yaw Frimpong Addo, stated that the initiative was essential because of its effects on millions of farmers in Ghana, especially those in the northern sector.

He commended the High Commissioner for hosting the event to highlight the impor­tance of the cereal crop, and also sharing knowledge and country experiences about the use of millet consumption.

“Certainly there are economic and social benefits derived from millets and the Ministry fully embraced this effort. Millet aside from being affordable is known to have intense nutrient com­position needed by humanity to healthy growth development and sustenance,” he said.

Mr Addo also said that there was much to be done to fully harness the existing potential of Ghana’s agriculture to help trans­form the agricultural sector.

“India is certainly a trusted partner for operationalising our vision for agriculture and we are therefore optimistic about partnering with India for mutual benefits as far as the development of agriculture is concerned,” he noted.

The Deputy Minister further said that the high patronage of millet, consumed as breakfast by Ghanaians, indirectly enhanced the income of small-scale farm­ing, most of whom were women.

Millet, an ancient grain is a healthiest food for humanity, which can survive in harsh envi­ronment. It has many advantages over other crops and is one of the most indigenous and essential cereal crops in Ghana. It is used mostly for massa, tuozafi and porridge.

This year’s food festival was intended to raise awareness and direct policy attention to the nutrition and health benefits of millets. The celebration saw mem­bers of the Indian and Ghanaian community savouring diverse cuisines and delicacies.

Awards were presented to contestants who took part in the ‘Millets in my food’ competition. There was a variety of food items from different states of India pre­pared with millets also.

Dignitaries present at the event were the Deputy Health Minister, Mrs Tina Naa Ayele Mensah, the United Nations Representative to Ghana, the Editor of the Daily Graphic and the Dean of Diplo­matic Corps.


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