Ghanaians urged to be productive

The Chairman of the National Development Planning Committee (NDPC), Professor Stephen Adei, has called on Ghanaians to be productive in order to build the nation.  

According to Prof. Adei, nation building was hinged on political, economic, social and cultural development. 

He was speaking at a public lecture on the theme “Christian and Nation building, demands and blessings” and organised by the Ecumencial and Social Relations Department of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

 He said that there was the need for a stable and acceptable political order and tolerance to attain political maturity while the building of social cohesion among people and peaceful resolution of conflicts would inure to the social development of the people.

Prof. Adei indicated that improving on the economic well-being of the people, and respecting the values and norms that defines a particular people would help build a nation.

He asked Ghanaians, especially Christians to work towards national development and to impact on the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

 He said “Christians are expected to be productive and a positive multiplier of God’s creation, raise godly families, be a diligent productive workers, and also be proactively and positively involve in the governance of the country through the payment of taxes and voting responsibly.”

Prof. Adei stressed that “we are expected to be a channel of the love of God in whatever our vocation or work. We need to also pray for those in authority to rule well, while cooperating with them to managing the economy”.

Prof. Clara Korkor Fayorsey of the Central University, said though Ghana has a lot of resources, they were being looted to create wealth for other nations, adding that godly character was lacking in the management of the country’s natural resources.

She said it was time the country focused on the provision of quality education, adding that the moral and spiritual character of the citizenry should be looked at again.

 Prof. Fayorsey asked government to return mission schools to the churches to manage in order to restore the moral and spiritual character of students.

“Also we should not leave the development of the school’s curriculum to the technocrats alone, but also get the church involved,” she said.

 Prof. Fayorsey called on all religious bodies to help fight the sanitation challenges facing the country, adding “they should also take up sanitation as their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).”


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