Ghanaians, Togolese must observe COVID-19 protocol – Togolese envoy

The Togolese Ambassador, Colonel Awoki Panassa, has urged Ghanaians and the citizens of his country to take firm stance to fight the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) fiercely by adhering strictly to the safe protocols against the virus, to promote accelerated regional integration. 

He pointed out that the closure of the border between Ghana and Togo was not peculiar between the two countries but rather a necessary measure adopted by governments in the West African sub-region to avert an uncontrollable trend of the virus. 

The envoy was speaking at a media encounter in Ho yesterday to cap a two-day tour of the Volta Region. 

The visit was at the invitation of the Volta, Eastern and Oti branch of the Association of Ghana Industries. 

Colonel Panassa acknowledged that Togolese and Ghanaians, especially the people of the Volta Region, were bonded by blood, language, culture and trade. 

Therefore, he said that the closure of the common frontier between the sister countries was not a desired move by politicians but rather a necessity in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. 

“Now, the re-opening of the border is as much the responsibility of the people of the two countries as well as their respective governments. 

“We must all observe the safety protocols and bring the spread of the virus to the lowest level to prompt the re-opening of the frontier,” he stated. 

The Togolese Ambassador stated that Ghana and Togo had similar social and economic development challenges and needed mutual cordial ties to address those challenges. 

He noted that objectives of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) which had its headquarters in Accra would be better achieved in the absence of COVID-19 and that made it essential for Ghanaians and Togolese, as well as all Africans to maintain an uncompromising resolve to fight the virus ferociously.  

Earlier, Mr Dela Gadzanku, Chairman of the Volta, Eastern and Oti Region branch of AGI, said that the association was on a noble mission to industrialise the Volta Region and also promote intra-regional trade by vigorously involving sister countries like Togo in pursuit of that objective. 

He, therefore, called on the private sector in Togo to team up with the AGI to promote that crusade. 


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