Ghanaians face critical choice in December presidential election – Lordina Mahama

Former First Lady, Mrs Lordina Mahama, has observed that this year is a crucial year for Ghana.

She says it is a year in which Ghanaians face the critical choice of electing a President on Decem­ber 7.

Mrs Lordina Mahama was speaking at the National Con­ference of the Ministers Wives Association of Assemblies of God, Ghana.

Mrs Mahama, a member of the church herself, prayed that God give Ghanaians the spirit of good “judgment to make the right choice, even in this period of misinformation and material influence.”

She urged the pastors wives to join her in praying for her hus­band, John Dramani Mahama, “for God to grant his heart desire, and bless him with divine empower­ment to change the destiny” of Ghana for the better.

Mrs Mahama commended the pastors’ wives of Assemblies of God churches for their generosity to their congregations, their moth­erly love and good counsel.

She observed that many pastors’ wives served in rural and the re­motest parts of the country.

In her address, the National President of the Ministers Wives Association of Assemblies of God, Mrs Monica Wengam, spoke extensively on the theme of the church, and how the wife of the pastor can assist contribute to winning souls for Christ, especially in this end time and the “moral decadence we are witnessing.”

She explained, that when pas­tor’s wives cham­pion evangelism and participate in church plant­ing, they would contribute greatly to curtailing the LGBTQ+ agenda.

The General Superintendent of Assemblies of God, Ghana, Rev. Stephen Wengam, catalogued the immense support pastors receive from their wives.

He noted “the story of selfless service and boundless sacrifice is amplified by pastors’ wives in de­prived communities where pastors earn peanuts.”

He prayed God’s blessing upon all such pastors’ wives. He cau­tioned however, that no pastor’s wife would ever become like Job’s wife as found in Job 2:9-11.

He advised in particular, pas­tors’ wives of Assemblies of God, Ghana, to “continually model the way for their congregations, espe­cially the women and ladies.”

This, he believed would con­tribute in no small way to build­ing churches and the nation as a whole.

The conference on the theme, ‘seasoned to send the light,’ was attended by 2000 pastors’ wives.

Topics treated included: ministe­rial ethics, personal grooming and social skills, the pastors’ wife and emotional intelligence, leading out­side the box and stress and mental


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