Ghanaian Times assures faith-based organisations of equal coverage

The Editor of the Ghanaian Times, Dave Agbenu, has assured faith-based organisations of equal media coverage for their activities and collaboration to deepen peaceful co-existence in the country.

He said “the Ghanaian Times does not discriminate against any faith or belief. We will continue to provide accurate publicity for all faith-based groups and collaborate with you to promote peace in our various communities.”

He was speaking in Accra yesterday when the Tijaniyya Muslim Council of Ghana presented an award to the newspaper for its continuous promotion of inter-faith cooperation.

The presentation was preceded by interactive meeting between the Editor and a delegation from the Council, which was led by Supreme Leader and President, Sheikh Khalifa Ahmad Abdul Faidi Abdulai Maikano and National Chairman, Sheikh Alhaji Tahir Saeed.

The meeting was also to invite the Editor and the Ghanaian Times to this year’s Quranic Recitation slated for February 26. 

Mr Agbenu touted the harmonious and cordial relationship that exist between the Muslim and Christian workers of the New Times Corporation, producers of Ghanaian Times, saying that “living together as a family has allowed us to work together in peace despite our differences in faith.”

Expressing his gratitude for the award, he said the presentation was a historic show of appreciation which would motivate the newspaper to do more to deepen peaceful co-existence between the various faiths.

On his part, Sheikh Abdulai Maikano thanked the newspaper for propagating activities of the group for years and helping to create a friendly relationship between Muslims and other faiths.

“I am extremely grateful that you do not dislike Muslims and you have used your paper to tell our story to the world and promoted peace in the country. We encourage you to continue on this path and Allah will bless your efforts,” he added.

He said the annual Quran Recitation, which would be held the 57th time next month, was to ensure the prevalence of peace in the country.

The Council, he noted, would continue to engage the Ghanaian Times on how the two entities could intensify their collaboration for the good of the nation.

As a major stakeholder in national development, Sheikh Alhaji Saeed reiterated the importance of the media in peace building and development and urged the Ghanaian Times to remain at the forefront of responsible journalism.


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