Ghanaian petitions Lands C’ssion to investigate issuance of land title certificate

 United Kingdom (UK), based Ghanaian, has petitioned the Executive Sec­retary of Lands Commission, Mr James Ebenezer Dadson, to cause investigation into and action taken against Mrs Yaa Agyeman Boadi, the Land Registration Director of the Lands Commission of Ghana.

The petitioner, Ms Catheryne Bou-Chedid, alleged that Mrs Boa­di issued land title certificate on an approximately 0.16 acres land belonging to her (petitioner) to another person, named Mr Phillip Okpoti Nai.

Ms Bou-Chedid also petitioned Mr Samuel Abu Jinapor, Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, the Board, Acting Deputy Secre­tary, Operations (OPS) and Dep­uty Secretary, Corporate Service (CS) and Lands Commission Ghana, and copied the Ghanaian Times.

The petitioner said, the land which she owned since 1989, was at all times registered in her name until 2017, when encroachers attempted to fraudulently appro­priate it.

According to Ms Bou-Chedid, she was compelled to go to court and got judgement in her favour in 2019 to keep the encroachers at bay.

She said several searches she conducted in 2017 on the land, showed that she (petitioner) was the registered owner.

Ms Bou-Chedid said she once had a confrontation with Ms Boa­di during a meeting regarding the issue and Mrs Boadi asked her and others to leave her office.

For instance, the petitioner said that during an adjudication meet­ing with the Land Registration Director on Thursday, March 31, 2022, Ms Boadi tried to absolve herself of any wrongdoing in issuing out the land title certificate to Mr Okpoti Nai.

She said “when I pointed that out to her, she ended the meeting and asked myself and all attendees of the meeting to leave her office. It got a little heated between me and her and, in her frustration; she said “you can do whatever you want. I don’t care.”

But in an interview with the Ghanaian Times, Mrs Boadi said the allegations made against her by the petitioner were baseless and unfounded.

She told the Ghanaian Times that she did nothing untoward and that she discharges her duty in line with the constitution.

Mrs Boadi urged members of the public to threat the allegations with the contempt it deserved


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