Ghanaian movie industry will triumph despite influx of telenovelas – Mabel Osabutey

Mabel Osabutey, a Ghanaian actress based in the United Kingdom has said that there was still bright prospects for the Ghanaian movie industry, despite the influx of telenovelas on the local screens.

“What we need to do is to respond to the changing social trends in our country and produce movies to suit them,” she said.

Mabel who has been acting for the past 10 years, told the Times Weekend in an interview at the Ghafric TV studio in Accra during her recent visit to the country, that the challenge posed by the foreign series on Ghanaian television screens should rather spur local movie producers to improve tremendously to attain international recognition.

“While telenovela projects the foreign cultures, we must also take up the challenge of preserving and promoting our rich culture and languages in our films.

“This will definitely bring a healthy competition between the Ghanaian films and the foreign series for the diverse audience to select from,” she added.

Mable, who has featured prominently in Ghanaian films shot in Europe, maintained that there were still wide cravings for Ghanaian films from within and outside Ghana.

Apart from the metropolitan areas, she said that there were excellent and diverse settings for shooting films in the country.

“We must constantly be innovative to meet the taste of the viewers at home and abroad,” said Mabel.

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