Ghanaian cosmetics company eyes global market

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Gmith Cosmetics, Ghana’s first natural deodorant and body spray company, Gladys Antwi Boateng, is optimistic that the company will become a force to reckon with in the global cosmetics industry.

With the unique method of tapping into a traditional method of fighting body odour with the use of lime, wood ashes and other essential oil, she said, the company was gradually carving a niche on the global market.

Speaking to Ghanaian Times in an interview in Accra yesterday, the CEO said, “I always loved cosmetics and had a passion to grow Ghana’s deodorant industry with natural products since most of the perfumes and body sprays in our markets are foreign and sometimes do not meet specific needs considering our weather condition.”

The idea of modifying the old way of applying lime and ashes to fight bad odour in Ghanaian homes she said, birthed her business in 2018 when she made her first mixture and distributed it to friends and family.

“The feedback was amazing and I was encouraged to produce on a large scale and sell as it would not only provide financial gains but also help the public especially students,” she said.

The company, she said, then moved into full-scale production in 2019 and had since been performing well in Ghana.

“Our products are unique since it is made of natural raw materials and does not leave stains or irritation,” she said, adding that currently, they were able to produce 2,000 bottles on a daily basis with over 25,000 bottles currently available for distribution across the country.

With the right equipment and financing, she said, the indigenous company would be able to produce more and distribute into the global market by creating job opportunities for Ghanaian young people.


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