Ghana, UN launch UN Sustainable Dev Partnership framework

GOVERNMENT of Ghana and the United  Nations (UN)  yesterday jointly  launched  the five year  UN Sustainable  Development  Partnership  (UNSDP)  framework, on Monday in Accra.

The partnership, which was  signed  in June  this year, outlines the UN’s  support  for  national development  efforts and  sets out  a  collective  support  of the 24 UN  agencies  working  Ghana.

The UNSDP, which begins from 2018  to 2022,  also  defines  the UN’s partnership  for  achieving  the  Sustainable  Development Goals (SDGs),  through  four  strategic  results,  which  are  shared prosperous  economy, social investment in people , protected  and safe  environment and inclusive accountable governance.

The initiative will cost $441.5 million with funding expected from the UN agency’s own resources, technical cooperation programmes, supported by development partners and resources mobilised through global or regional funds.

Launching the framework, the Minister for Planning, Professor George Gyan-Baffour, said the UNSDP reflected the shared commitment to achieving the SDGs in Ghana as well as the role of the UN as a partner rather than as a provider of aid.

He said the  partnership framework  was designed to align  with the Coordinated Programme of  Economic  and Social Development Policies  (CPESDP) 2017-2014,  which sets out  a vision  for agricultural mordinisation, industrial diversification, youth employment, and articulates  a self-reliant  pathway to economic  transformation and inclusive growth.

Prof Gyan-Baffour explained that the  framework   has been  integrated into the vision  for national  development,  to ensure  that the work  for the UN  country  team  supports  national  development  strategies.

“The importance of equity, of inclusive growth, is clear in our national development agenda, and reflects the central principle of the 2030 agenda to live no one behind,” he said.

According to Prof Gyan-Baffour,  the  responsibility  of overseeing  the work  that the UN plans  with  government was being carried out through  the high level ministerial committee for SDG implementation set up the President of Ghana in  September 2017.

He was of the view that embedding governance of the UN programme within the inter ministerial committee emphasised the overriding purpose of the UN partnership, to support national coordinated strategies for domesticating and achieving the SDGs in Ghana.

Prof Gyan-Baffour urged Ghanaians to help facilitate the implementation of the CPESDP, the SDG and the United Nations Development Assistance Plan (UNDAP) to ensure that “we realise our superordinate goal of not leaving anyone behind.”


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