Ghana to join global c’mity to mark UN Peace Keeping Day May 29

Ghana will on May 29, join the global community to observe the International Day of United Nations (UN) Peacekeepers’ on the theme ‘Peace begins with me: 75 years of UN Peacekeeping.’

This year’s theme seeks to emphasise the fact that the maintenance of global peace and security is not a solitary journey, but entails the contribution of everyone in the global community in building and sustaining peace.

Ghana will climax the celebration with flag raising and wreath laying ceremony in Accra, to be preceded by other activities including media outreach and a peace walk to sensitise the public on the significance of the day.

The UN Peace Keeping Day is observed on May 29 to recognise the professionalism, dedication of Peacekeepers, and to honour the memory of about 4,000 personnel who lost their lives in the course of maintaining peace and security across the globe to bring relief, comfort and stability to war-torn zones.

Already, the UN headquarters in New York is buzzing with activities with a month- long special photographic exhibition on the theme ‘Peace Begins with Me’ in honour of the service and sacrifices of uniformed and civilian Peacekeepers.

In Ghana, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration (MFRI) on Friday formed an Ad Hoc Committee comprising some government agencies and department to consider series of activities to mark the day in Ghana.

Monica Boham, Director, Multilateral Bureau of the MFRI urged the Committee to work hard to mark a great milestone in peacekeeping operation, especially the contributions of Ghana in UN peacekeeping operations.

UN Peacekeeping operations began in 1948 with the deployment of troops to maintain cease fire during the Arab- Israeli war.

The UN Department of Peace Operations has since undertaken 72 operations across the globe to restore peace, security and provide humanitarian assistance in war-torn countries, with 12 currently in operations.

Ghana first participated in UN peacekeeping operations in 1960, contributing troops to help resolve the Congo Crisis, and has since been touted as a major contributor of troops to UN peacekeeping mission across the globe.


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