Ghana needs human capital investment in cybersecurity

Ms Etti Berger, Chief Executive Officer of TripleP, an Israeli cybersecurity company, has underscored the need for a shift from acquisition of Information Technologies (IT) to human capital investment in cybersecurity.

She said the country needed to appreciate and build capacities as it prepared with right strategies to deal with the risks of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially when government was pursuing an agenda of digitalisation.

“We need to build more skills as there is a lot of unfilled positions in the cyber security space and not many hands-on experienced people.

“There are a lot of IT experienced people, and the natural step is to move them from IT to cyber,” she said.

She made the remarks during an interview at the beginning of a three-day workshop on cybersecurity, organised by the Israeli Trade and Economic Mission to Ghana for heads of private and public institutions in the country.

At the business level, Ms Berger said employers needed to be aware that the main threat to their organisations was internally posed by employees who may unconsciously compromise cybersecurity systems of the organisation.

In that regard, she called for a regular training and sensitisation of employees on cyber threats to safeguard the organisations.

Mrs Shlomit Sufa, the Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, said cyber-attacks were issues of great concern in most organisations the world over adding that, “asorganisations aim to reach various heights of digital transformation, they become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.”

She was hopeful that the workshop would lead to the establishment of good relations between players in both the Ghanaian and Israeli cyber ecosystem.

Mr Michael Selassie Agbeko, a participant, who is a security officer, said security was paramount for his organisation that handled files and documents.

The workshop, he said, would go a long way to improve knowledge and help him avert imminent cyber threats. -GNA

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