Ghana Jiu Jitsu Fed gets NSA’s approval

The Ghana Jiu Jitsu Fed­eration (GJJF) has gained approval from the Na­tional Sports Authority (NSA) to function as a fully-fledged national sports federation.

Director-General of the NSA, Prof. Peter Twumasi, last week presented the certificate of recognition to executives of the latest federation under the NSA at a meeting at its offices and urged the group to work hard to make the sport a national event.

This followed the fulfilment of a mandatory quota of opening offices in 10 administrative regions of the country.

Prof Twumasi commended the members of the association for the good work done but reminded them there was a lot to be done.

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“We feel encouraged by your tenacity to succeed in the face of difficulties like not even getting the nod to host the Africa Open championship you had invested a lot in,” Prof. Twumasi said.

“Not only does your sport cre­ate employment opportunities for the youth; it can help teach some of our defenseless women and children how to defend themselves from unexpected attacks,” said Prof. Twumasi.

Receiving the certificate, Master Maxwell Borketey Borquaye, President of GJJF, said “I’m very happy that our hard work has not been in vain.

Mr Borquaye said earning the Certificate of Recognition does not mean work has been achieved, but rather, “a moment to reflect on and identify new ways of pro­moting and developing sports in the county.”

He then hailed the impact of jiu jitsu, a self-defense sport within the martial arts genre.

The GJJF First Vice President, Ade Sawyerr, was elated and hinted of plans and strategies to expand the sport even wider.

“We are happy to have come this far; our toils have not been in vain. We’ll make sure we spread jiu jitsu across all the regions of Ghana for this sport to become a household name,” Mr Sawyerr said.

The second Vice President of GJJF, Evans Bernie-Johnson, ap­pealed to students and journalists to get trained with jiu jitsu skills, which could come in handy in their line of work.

The GJJF becomes the 48th sports federation under the Na­tional Sports Authority.


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