Ghana/Israel business deals hit $140m – Israeli Ambassador

 Business deals and investment between Gha­naian and Israeli companies, over the last five years, amounts to $140 million, the Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, Shlomit Sufa, has disclosed.

She said the “unbelievable re­cord,” was achieved under Israel’s Economic and Trade Mission which has linked more than 450 Israeli companies to 2,000 Gha­naian counterparts and agencies since its launch five years ago as the only Israeli trade mission in West Africa.

“These collaborations have opened new markets and oppor­tunities for Israeli businesses and strengthened Israeli’s ties with Ghana,” she said at the 75th inde­pendence anniversary ceremony of Israel, in Accra on Thursday.

On May 14, 1948, Israeli primary national founder and then Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, officially read the Procla­mation of the Establishment of the State of Israel, and fulfilled a 2,000-year-old dream of the Jewish’s return to their ancestral homeland.

This year’s Independence Day celebration which also marked 65 years of bilateral relations with Ghana, was marked on the theme “75 years of creating Climate of Innovation.”

It was a night of simple speeches, state songs and spectac­ular stagecraft from the Tararam Drum and Dance Sensation from Israel and the Ghana Dance Essemble.

The eclectic performers breathed excitement into the air with their use of drums, vocal sounds, body percussion, spoons, brooms, and other unconven­tional items, leaving state offi­cials, members of the diplomatic community, religious leaders, and Israeli associates thrilled at the National Theatre.

Mrs Sufa said since the country’s independence, it has established itself as a vibrant democracy and hub of innovation and technology, leading in variety of industries, including Agritech, Watertech, Cybertech, Fintech, Med-tech, Renewable and energy with focus on addressing glob­al challenges, such as climate change, healthcare, and food security.

She said in recent years, Israel has been making efforts to deep­en its ties with African coun­tries, recognising the continent’s strategic importance and vast potential and Ghana, one of the first African countries to establish diplomatic relations with Israel in 1958, has emerged as a key partner for Israel in Africa due to its stable democracy and warm friendship.

“Israel and Ghana may seem like an unlikely pair, with vast geographical and cultural dif­ferences, but our shared values, interests and the friendship be­tween our peoples have brought us together in many ways,” she said.

Over the 65 years of bilater­al relations, Mrs Sufa said the Israel’s Agency for Internation­al Development Cooperation (MASHAV) had worked closely with Ghana on projects in areas including health (reducing neona­tal and maternal mortality), water and sanitation, early childhood education, agricultural coopera­tion, women empowerment and innovation.

“Israel’s relations with Gha­na are an excellent example of how Israel can contribute to the world’s development and pros­perity. By working together, Israel and Ghana can build a brighter future for its people and create a model for cooperation and partnership that other nations can follow,” she said.

On behalf of the government, the Eastern Regional Minister, Seth Acheampong, thanked Israel for its contribution to Ghana’s development, pledged the coun­try’s commitment to sustain the bond of friendship and invited Israeli businesses to invest more in Ghana.


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