Ghana Digital Centre, NSS collaborate to enhance digital, employable skills of graduates

The leadership teams of the Ghana Digital Centres Limited (GDCL), managers of Accra Digital Centre, and the National Service Scheme (NSS) have initiated a collaborative project called the “Ghana Digital Skills for Employability Project” (GDSEP) towards addressing low digital literacy and the growing youth unemployment in Ghana.

The project has two broad distinct but interrelated components, all geared towards the agenda of boosting job creation for young graduates.

Speaking at the meeting in Accra on Monday, Executive Director of NSS, MrOseiAssibeyAntwi, explained that his outfit had identified the need to broaden its scope to remain relevant to the needs of Ghana’s highly youthful population.

 He bemoaned the fact that less than 30 per cent of graduates typically gain any form of employment immediately after their national service period, adding that equipping them with the right skill sets would improve the situation.

For his part, CEO for the GDCL, MrKwadwoBaahAgyemang, indicated that within five years of its existence, GDCL has made significant contributions towards digital innovations in Ghana and continues to strive towards deepening its impact.

After successfully operationalising the Accra Digital Centre with 90 per cent occupancy, the company is deploying the model across the entire country.

“As a company owned by the Ministry of Communication, GDCL is positioning itself as a major enabler of digital skills development in Ghana towards meaningful job creation and is thus pleased to partner with NSS to roll out the Ghana Digital Skills for Employability Project,” he explained.

The first component of GDSEP was a virtual digital skills training programme to be deployed for all NSS personnel as a requirement to getting their NSS certificates. By this, all young persons who go through the scheme will be assured of acquiring basic digital skills to survive in the job market.

Beyond the mandatory basic digital skills offering, participants will have the opportunity to sign up for advanced level courses based on their areas of interest. GDCL will serve as technical partner and content manager for this.

The second component is a digital jobs programme, which entails the setting up of Business Process Outsourcing (BPOs) in Ghana to service both local and international companies with such needs. Beneficiaries of the respective training programmes will be engaged to work in these entities. It will also include talent export programmes as well as freelancing platforms for the beneficiaries. NSS has already developed the strategy for this, and GDCL has committed to providing infrastructure around the country to make this a reality.

The GDCL was incorporated in July 2017 to lead the development of technology parks and digital centres across the country by providing the required infrastructure, facilities, environment, services and programmes that foster the growth of the ICT and IT-enabled Business Process Outsourcing industry.

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