Ghana Blind Union marks 50th anniversary

Visually impaired persons across the country have been charged not to succumb to fear in pursuing their dreams in life in order to avert the situation of “Double Agony.”

This, Mr Henry SeiduDaanaa, former Minister of Chieftaincy and Traditional Affairs said was to be done by living a life of contentment.

He stated this when the Ghana Blind Union (GBU) marked the 50th anniversary of higher education for the blind in Accra on Wednesday.

According to the former minster, visually impaired persons were already faced with the challenge of sight loss, hence adding fear in the pursuance of their goals would only add to their plight.

“Don’t let fear block you from going for what you want. The first challenge you have is with you being visually impaired. The second has to do with you being afraid to go after what you want, so please go after what you want,” he said.

Admitting that everyone irrespective of their physical state faced challenges, Mr Daanaa encouraged visually impaired persons not to see their sight loss as a barrier to achieving their aspirations, but to press on towards their goals.

“Things have never been easy and they won’t be now. You will have to gather courage once you are in this category and have decided to climb the ladder, be prepared to do it and do it well,” he said.

“Don’t be bitter, if not you won’t get to your dream. Think of the positive sides and look at the people who have done it before and you can do it,” he added.

Mr Daanaa stressed that education had liberated and enhanced the dignity of visually impaired persons across the country.

He, therefore, called on the government and other stakeholders to assist the Union in order to ensure the development of all physically challenged persons, especially in the area of education.

Rev MrsNaanaDannyame , General Director, Education and Youth, Methodist Church Ghana who was also the chairperson for the event urged physically challenged persons to make good use of their skills and talents.

She stated that “you are not limited because you have talents and skills that you can tap into,” adding that the Methodist Church would not relent in its support to the physically challenged.

Applauding the GBU for the success chalked, Rev Dannyame also called on stakeholders to support the union in its bid to ensure the provision of education for persons who are visually impaired.

The celebration of the 50th anniversary of higher education for the blind was held under the theme: ‘Success beyond blindness.’


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