Ghana Badminton Association launches new website

The Ghana Badminton Association (GBA), in a bid to improve its visi­bility and make public their strategic growth, has launched its updated website.

With the updated site, the GBA aims to create a more valuable, user-centric and focus on making it easier for members and the public to learn and locate helpful infor­mation about the sport at all times.

The Event Officer for the GBA, Dr Benjamin Baah-Konadu, said “Our objec­tive was to create a depth of information on our sport, governance, structures, and the historical performance of our nation­al teams, our athlete’s national ranking, events, 63 sporting policies and guidelines.

“In line with our forward-looking de­velopment strategy, we have also com­missioned and introduced the first safe­guarding guidelines and procedures for our general membership- the first in Africa by any badminton national federation.”

Dr Konadu added, “It will provide members the opportunity to share ideas on issues in a transparent manner.”

The President of the GBA, Mr Evans Yeboah, added that, ”In line with our mission 2027 strategic plan, we are excited about this redesigned platform because it is an integral part of our strategy to hone the popularity of our members and shared interest groups, raise the profile of our partner’s networks and increase their membership.”


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