Ghana Association of Writers urged to remain committed to national devt

Administrator of the Ghana Association of Writers (GAW), Mr Ebo Assan Donkoh, has called on regional executives of GAW to be patriotic and willingly in the service of the association and the country.

He made this call at the National Delegates Seminar last Saturday held in Accra to strengthen the capacities of regional executives to be able to perform their roles efficiently.

It was on the theme, ‘Strengthening the regional branches through instituting proper administrative structures and resources.’

Mr Donkoh took the participants down the history lane of the association with emotional events in the association’s timeline.

“We cannot talk about the progress of GAW, without paying tribute to Professor Atukwei Okai who stood his grounds amidst the intentions of a group called National Association of Writers (NAW) meant to collapse this association.”

President of GAW, Mr Francis Gbormittah, stated that the executive committee had decided that the meeting be held aside hitches with the budget.

He tasked members of the association to keep the executives on their toes by holding them accountable to the promises they make.

“One of the promises was to organise a workshop for fundraising and project management which was supposed to happen in September 2019,” he noted.

Mr Gbormittah assured that in a year time the association would strengthen the regional, tertiary and local branches by putting in place administrative structures.

Chair of the GAW Constitutional Review Committee, Mr Edusei Derkyi, urged the other regional executives to support the association by organising various programmes to help raise funds.

He noted that GAW would become powerful and a tool for implementing social change if the executives worked together and effectively.

Portfolio Manager of the Republic Bank, Madam Sophia Kafui, advised the executives to lobby and get the government for funding to support GAW regional activities.

“GAW needs to be relevant in the society by identifying key issues and organising activities to warrant donations from civil societies be it solicited or unsolicited,” she emphasised.

She entreated participants to be accountable and collaborate with other partners, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and elders in the communities.

Participants also raised concerns such as a printing press for the association, membership drive and effective organisation.

Elections for the executives of the association would be held next year.


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