Ghana Air Force bids Air Vice Marshall Bekoe farewell

AVM Bekoe being pullout of office

AVM Bekoe being pullout of office

The Ghana Air Force has officially bid farewell to Air Vice Marshall (AVM), Frederick Asare Kwasi Bekoe, after three years of service at the Accra Air Force Base.

AVM Bekoe was symbolically pulled-out of the base in a miniature jet amidst playing of military tunes by the ceremonial band.

The now former Air Force Base Commander handed over his position in a military style to Group Captain Joshua Mensah-Larkai who was the Commander of  the Ghana Aviation Unit in  La Cote d’ Ivoire.

AVM Bekoe enumerated some of the development projects he had embarked on during his three-year-tenure of service at the Air Force Base including the construction of Ammo Dump, modernisation of the pilots crew room, reconstruction of the rescue fire fighting service, construction of Base hostel, reconstruction of battery section and the construction of Lokko and Bosomefi complex.

“All these achievements happened within the three years of my command, I will say it’s been hectic and challenging but with my able and supportive staff; and God on our side, we were able to surmount all odds,” he said.

He urged the Base personnel and officers to focus on working effectively and efficiently and to co-operate with the new Base Commander in order to enshrine the meaning of the Base motto “combined effort ensures success.”

AVM Bekoe advised his successor to “maintain progressive trajectory of the Base” and urged him to consult anytime he encountered challenges.

For his part, the incoming Air Force Base Commander, Group Captain Joshua Mensah-Larkai said he was privileged to serve the country once again at the Air Force Base.

“I will strive in every way to be worthy of your confidence and to fulfill my duties to the best of my ability, with your support,” he added.

He pledged to ensure transparent, accountable and accessible leadership to Base personnel and officers as the motto of the Base says.

Group Captain Joshua Mensah-Larkai lauded the achievements of AVM Bekoe towards the development of the Base and vowed to continue with the good works of AVM Bekoe.

“I assure you the Base will continue to flourish knowing the foundation the predecessors have laid over the years,” he said.



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