GHA inaugurates choir leaders

Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) has inaugurated a 25-member Committee as its choir leaders and members in line with its partnership with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) ahead of this year’s Nine Lessons and Carols celebrations.

The Committee named “Smooth Asphaltic Voices “was formed less than two months ago, through its Christian fellowship with the aim of praising and glorifying God through music.

Inaugurating the Committee, the Chief Director of Ministry of Roads and Highways, Dr Abass Awolu, said it was important for the ministry to have a choir group, which they could call upon anytime they had an occasion instead of hiring one at an expensive cost.

This, he said, would reduce the expenses of the ministry and increase its revenue base when the Choir Group was patronised by the public to perform on occasions.

“For us it good that we have within the ministry a group of talented, melodious souls that can sing to praise the Almighty God and also to rejuvenate our souls,” Dr Awolu said.

Mr Awolu further commended the leaders of the Group for being able to mobilise themselves to come up with such an idea while urging the Committee to work together in unity to achieve their goals.

“I want to urge you that you should work in unity, positions does not matter, it your contributions to the group and No matter what you do, do not look for a recognition among man but look for it from the most high because his recognition is most important to find the inner peace,” he said.

President of the Committee, Mr Cecil Obodai Wentumi, for his part said, for the Committee to be formidable, it needed to bring all the voices and instrumentalists together.

“We started on a smaller note and today we have a bigger choir that can compete with other international choirs across the globe which I am so proud, this serves as opportunity for us to get the leverage and mileage for people to also know what we have done so far for the ministry sector,” he said.

Mr Wentum stated that, he had seen a lot of commitment and positive attitude from the choir members, which he believed would distinguish the Choir from other groups.

He urged individuals from Urban Roads Department, Feeder Roads Department and other agencies that fell under MRH to join the choir since its doors were open to them.

The Director of Policy and Planning for MRH, Mrs Rita Ohene Safo, congratulated the committee for joining the choir and urged the executives not to hesitate to call on them if they needed any assistance in the future.



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