Ggbevo lacks school amenities

Gbevo is a fishing community with over five hundred inhabitants located in the Savannah Region lacking basic social amenities like health centre, potable water and school.

The only school which serves the entire community and its environs has been closed down for almost two years now due to lack of teachers, leaving the future of the children education uncertain.

Mr Stephen Agbema, a parent in the community said his children walk miles sweating to attend school, “but as teachers do not turn up to teach the children, there is no need to waste that precious time”.

“We , therefore, as parents have to advise ourselves to let the children assist us in fishing than wasting their energy trekking to school every day,” he said. 

“With this situation at hand, the future of our children is uncertain, with no education in this modern age, it is very worrying,” he added.

Mr Agbema said, the situation has been communicated to the education authorities, but nothing has been done yet for almost two years.

Beauty Amekoh, a mother of three preparing her net for fishing in Aveme said she had earlier given her older daughter to a family friend in Yeji in order to acquire education.

“Though the decision was not as planned we need to provide better future for our children which education is the only best choice.

It is our hope the government through the Ghana Education Service will intervene in assigning teachers to the community.”

From Geoffrey Buta, Gbevo.

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