Gender Ministry marks International Family Day

The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection has observed the International Day of the Family in Accra on Friday. 

Themed, “Maintaining our Roots: Strengthening Families in a Changing World”, the celebration elaborated about the need to appreciate the family as the most important human institution that nurtures all individuals to be responsible and acceptable in the society.

According to Rev. Dr. Comfort Asare, Acting Director for the Department of Social Welfare at the Ministry elaborated that, if the family doesnot nurture and socialise its members, there would be chaos in the society.

Adding that there is the need for the family to be celebrated because it has provided the conducive space for effective and productive living among mankind.

She disclosed that the 4,000 street children living in Ghana finds the street to be more lucrative than going to school, while the older ones on the streets also see begging on the streets as a solace to their predicament.

Dr. Asare noted that, measures are underway to check such devastating phenomenon that would in future hinder the progress of the country’s economy.

Highlighting on the woes of child abuse, she said, the department wants to reduce the number of foster homes in the country because the numbers are bouncing up.

Stressing that, the setting up a foster home is mainly cause by abusing children.

“Let’s give children with special needs the utmost support because they are part of the family and our human existence”, she admonished.

She cautioned that the Department of Social Welfare do not sell babies and children, but rather facilitate the processes of adopting a child.

Advising the general public that, people should not pay 10 to 30 thousand cedisfor adopting a child.

Dr. Asaretold persons who encounter such situations in the process of adopting a child to report any staff if they want to take money as a charge for adoption.    

The Director admonished workers at Social Welfare to be circumspect about their professional life and also commended all staff for their outstanding contribution to Ghana.  

Madam Bridget Owusu Mahoney, Programmes Manager at Family Preservation and Empowerment, Bethany Christian Services, Accra indicated thatin a difficult and an unjust world, family is everything because everyone deserves to be safe, loved and connected.

“Safety, love, and connection can be best achieved in a family setting and that is why we are here today”, she added.

According to her, families set the stage for future relationships, and are safe havens for its members in challenging times which foster a sense of belonging to something greater than oneself.

On her part, people raised in close families develop healthier relationships throughout their lives and family relationships are linked to a person’s mental health.

The Programmes Manager underscored that families teach important lessons and values to its members and ahealthy family form the backbone of a healthy society.

“In a changing and a fast-paced world, global megatrends such as shift in global economic power, demographic change, rapid urbanization, climate change and rise of technology are impacting families significantly and the earlier we act the better” she stated.

These megatrends she said are eroding the family cohesion and solidarity that existed among family members and the results are the problem of street children, institutionalization among others.

“Many families are separating due to the above trends and the emergence of Covid-19 pandemic has worsened the situation in the past year”, she indicated.

By Alfred NiiArdayAnkrah

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