Global Crusade with Kumuyi in Ghana impacts lives

The Ghana global crusade of renowned international evange­list, Pastor (Dr) W.F Kumuyi from Nigeria, ended in Accra on Tuesday.

Dubbed Global Crusade with Kumuyi (GCK), the five-day global evangelistic campaign, which is held every month since June 2021 on the theme “Glorious Visitation from Christ”, was held at the Independence Square in Accra.

Benin will host the GCK next month.

Started in Nigeria in June 2021 and held every month across the states of Nigeria until this year when Togo became the first location outside Nigeria, the GCK in Ghana followed the second international one held in Cameroun.

The non-denominational pro­gramme in Ghana held from April 20-25 was attended by thousands of Christians from the various parts of the country and was broadcasted live via satellite and on social media, radio, and Zoom to audiences across the world.

Those who attended the programme included evangelists and leaders of churches in Accra, who threw their support for it.

The GCK-Ghana was awash with testimonies of salvation, healing and deliverance, as some of the people who attended it testified the good things God had done in their lives during the crusade.

There were choir ministrations from various parts of the world during the programme besides the choir at the anchor venue described as ‘alpha location.’

Pastor (Dr) Kumuyi, who is the Founder and General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church, was presented with a global lifetime award by the International Clergy Associa­tion, at the end of the Ministers and Professionals Conference held at Royalhouse Chapel on Tuesday.

The participants were given the opportunity to give testimonies of the miracles they had received in their lives during the programme.

The crusade also featured a pro­gramme for the youth, Impact Acad­emy, held on the theme “Upward to Higher Heights”.

Preaching the last sermon on the programme on Tuesday, Pastor (Dr) Kumuyi urged Christians to put their trust in God in order to receive the “Glorious Visitation from Christ”.

He advised Christians to avoid sin and follow what was right in the sight of God, stressing that God had placed in their hands the power and decision to choose what is good.

“Holy is the Most High God and He does not sit in the counsel of sinners and so wants His children to repent and do what is right as doing what is right brings happiness,” he stressed.

Quoting profusely from the Bible, Pastor (Dr) Kumuyi said a “gloomy day” was coming when money and riches could not save any individual.

“A day is coming when God will judge the secrets of men and bring out all the evil deeds of people,” he stated.

Pastor (Dr) Kumuyi prayed for God’s healing and blessings on the attendees and the country.

He paid glowing tribute to all the participants, especially the evange­lists and pastors in the country, for supporting the programme to make it a success.


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