GBA Sec. Gen. appointed APBC Vice Chairman

Mr. Patrick Johnson, Secretary General of the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA), has been appointed Vice Chairman of the regional boxing body, Association of Professional Boxing Commission (APBC).

The appointment by the APBC is in recognition of his enormous contribution towards the sport in the country.

The APBC is a respected organisation which houses astute boxing gurus like Gianluca Di Caro, boxing referee Roger Barnor of Ghana, Professor M.J. Graham, former Irish Champion Lee Murtagh and hosts of other knowledgeable personalities in the sport.

Whilst full membership to the APBC is limited to Professional Boxing Commissions, Associate Membership to the APBC, is open to all license holders from the world of professional boxing.

The APBC is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) through which the Commissions that regulate professional boxing world-wide are able to cooperate and discuss, as well as introduce regulations for the betterment of the sport and those that compete, especially within the realms of Licensing and Medical Standards, Ringside Health & Safety, Sanctioning and Competition Rules & Regulations. –GNA

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