GaWMA MCE visits Akotoshie Electoral Area.

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of the Ga West Municipal Assembly (GaWMA), Mr Clement Wilkinson, has paid a working visit to the Akotoshie Electoral Area.

He was accompanied by Municipal Engineer, Eric J. Donkor and the Assemblyman for the Akotoshie Electoral, Emmanuel M.K Amuzu.

The objective of the visit was to assess the development challenges facing the area to find solutions to them.

Akotoshie Electoral Area in the Ga West Municipality has a population of about 24, 000and lacked good roads, potable drinking water facilities, and proper sanitation facilities.

It was also to assess the security situation in the area following a High Court ruling (Land Division One) which indicated that Akotoshie lands belong to the Asere Stool in the case involving Asfat Company Limited versus Supreme Genesis Investment Limited, Annoh Dompreh, and Lands Commission.

In the ruling, the High Court directed the Lands Commission to instruct its Office in Koforidua to expunge from its records information indicating that Akotoshie, Ewukorpe and Gakorpe are in the Eastern Region and held that those communities had always been part of the Ga West Municipality.

Asfat Company Limited, represented by Nii Kwashie Asamangflo I, the Shipi of Akotoshie also known in private life as Ahene Sackey, had sued Supreme Genesis Investment Limited that lands the latter had sold in Ewukorpe belonged to him and his forebears.

Consequently, Mr Sackey had applied to the Assembly for permit to demolish structures which had been illegally constructed on the land.

Addressing the residents, Mr Wilkinson said the assembly was working assiduously to bring development projects to the area.

He said Akotoshie Electoral Area was a fast developing community and was marveled at the structures there.

Mr Wilkinson said the community had a population of more than 24,000 residents.

He advised the residents not to build haphazardly and should seek permit from the Assembly before putting up their buildings.

The MCE urged the residents to allow peace a chance to bring development to the area, stressing that development could not take place in an area where there was not peace and unity.

Mr Wilkinson said, he was, very happy with the High Court decision because Akotoshie Electoral Area had ever since been under the Ga West Municipality, in the Greater Accra, Region.

Mr Sackey in an interview, said he had sought certificate from the High Court to demolish structures on the land under dispute.

He said the family had purpose for the lands and would use due process to recover them.


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