GAA: GOC’s claims of support for athletics untrue

The Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) has shot down claims by the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) that it received $9,000 for the Silesia World Relays.

It also denied a claim that close to $110,000 was spent on the athletics federation to support Ghana’s qualification for the Olympic Games.

A Ghana Athletics statement described the GOC claims as untrue.

“It has come to the attention of the GAA, following Ghana’s participation in last weekend’s World Relay, which the GOC gave the GAA $9,000 for the World Relays, and that it had “spent close to $110,000 on the national athletics federation in support of Olympic Games qualification event. The GAA categorically state that none of that is true.”

It said “Ghana Athletics received no money from GOC for the World Relays. The suggestion that the GAA was given $9,000 from GOC for World Relays is untrue; there was no notification of funding before the competition as of May 4, 2021 bank statement.”

“We at the GAA have received a 2021 bank statement as of May 4 2021 for the specific GAA account in question. GOC is yet to show GAA documentation of funding transferred to Ghana Athletics prior to the World Relays or, documentation from GOC notifying GAA of such a transfer.”

It also noted that no money was received from the GOC for the 2019 Doha competition as being claimed in the said reports.

The GAA called on the GOC to indicate by evidence, what funding it also gave to GAA in 2019 leading up to the Doha Competition and in 2021 for the Silesia World Relays.

The GAA noted that they can provide bank account statements that will show that no money from GOC was credited to their account.

It said the Silesia World Relays in Poland participation was supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MOYS) and the National Sports Authority (NSA) only.


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