Ga Mantse pledges support for ‘Street to Champion’ project

Former two-time bantamweight world champion, Joseph Ag­beko, on Monday called on the Ga Mantse King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II to seek his blessings to embark on a flagship project dubbed ‘Street to Champion.’

The project, aimed at reducing poverty in the Ga state, unearth promising boxing talents in the commu­nities and change the negative perception about the sport, is a collaboration between the Joseph Agbeko Foundation, Ace Power Promotions and Origin 8 Limited.

The Ga Mantse, ad­dressing them, declared the support of the Ga State for the project that can transform the community and stimu­late the interest of the youth in boxing.

He commended Joseph Agbeko for spearheading such an initiative that would provide opportunity to young talents.

Briefing the King, Mr Agbeko disclosed that the first event would be held during Easter celebration at the Holy Trinity Spa, Sogakope in the Volta region with the second fixed for November.

Mr Agbeko said the yearly project would afford the two winners a life-changing experi­ence, and provide the other participants with a platform to grow their boxing career.

He said the winners would embark on a month-long training tour in the United States of America (USA) at some of the world’s best boxing gyms, witness some high-level international fights and be intro­duced to the boxing community in the USA.

Mr Agbeko hinted that regular workshops would be held for the managers, trainers and the boxers to better understand their roles.


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