Ga Dangme Wulomei refute claims on installation of Ga Mantse

The Ga Dangme Council of Wulomei (GCW) is debunking claims that to be a chief of the Ga Mashie one had to be inducted at Nungua.

Addressing the media on Sunday  to refute claims by one Asafoatse Kojo Mankata that a Ga Mantse, when enstooled had to go to Nungua to perform some rites, the President of the Council, Numo Blafo III, described such statements as unfounded.

According to Numo Blafo III, when one was selected or nominated as a Ga Mantse, he was confined for at least three or more days and later outdoored and crowned by the Asere, a division of the Ga state.

“That is the only ritual for a Ga Mantse” he emphasised.

Nii Dzaase Amar Jorbu I, Jorbui We Atupkai, said, every overlord had their own limits therefore no one can go beyond his or her traditional area.

According to him, when an overlord went beyond his traditional area they could either be fined or stripped off their powers.

By Allia Noshie

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