G/A Regional Police Command, Accra Railway station undergo fumigation

Expo Maintenance Services, a disinfectant company, over the weekend embarked on a fumigation exercise at the Accra Regional Police Command and the Accra Railway Station in the Greater Accra Region.

The two-day exercise was to eradicate pests, insects and rodents which had engulfed the surroundings of the facilities and other neighbouring business establishments.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghanaian Times, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Expo Maintenance Services, Mr Emmanuel Kwame Anim, said the exercise formed part of efforts to create a safer and more conducive atmosphere for habitation.

According to him, the health and safety of personnel of the service were paramount to ensuring security in the country.

“The police work day and night to ensure that citizens are safe and so the insufficient sleep, anxiety, constant perilous affecting their work due to pests and insects must be dealt with to enable them work effectively and efficiently,” he added.

He said the company earlier donated some quantities of disinfectants and three knapsack sprayers to the Regional Police Command to aid the various police stations within the region to be free from insects and other dangerous animals.

Mr Anim said his company has also offered to train some personnel in pest and insecticide control to keep their surroundings clean and free from rodents and mosquitoes.

“We will also teach them how to apply the products so that they can also train others in the future,” he stated.

Mr Anim indicated that the exercise would be extended to other parts of the regions to ensure police stations across the country were free from insects.

He said the mandate of his company was to ensure sanitary in the country, therefore had targeted to aid security institutions in the discharge of their statutory functions since they were frontliners in providing safety and conducive environment.

“The scope of the work is to clean surroundings, fumigate police stations, barracks, cells and prison services against mosquitoes and bed bugs,” he said.

Mr Anim disclosed that the company aimed to plant bamboo along the stretch of the Densu River to serve as a cover to protect the river from drying up since that was the only source of water for prisoners at Nsawam and the Greater Accra Region.

He said the bamboo, after being harvested, would be shared among the community and the company, through which a toothpick factory could be established to provide jobs for the prisoners and the community at large.


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