Fuel prices drop at pumps

 Some Oil Marketing Com­panies (OMCs) have started reducing the prices of petro­leum products at the pumps.

Checks at some filling stations by this paper in Accra yesterday saw the leading OMC, GOIL, selling a litre of petrol at ¢12.95 and diesel at ¢13.49.

TotalEnergies and Shell also have dropped their prices for both diesel and petrol to ¢13.49 and petrol, ¢12.95 per litre

Petrosol is selling a litre of petrol at ¢12.97, whereas diesel is going for ¢13. 37 per litre.

The Institute for Energy Se­curity (IES) on Tuesday projected that fuel prices will fall between three per cent and 10 per cent at the pumps.

IES predicted that the prices of all three key petroleum prod­ucts – petrol, diesel and Lique­fied Petroleum Gas (LPG) were expected to fall.

The IES said, “The last two weeks have seen price indicators on both the domestic and interna­tional fronts falling and this can translate into some price reduc­tions at the pumps for various petroleum products”.

The domestic fuel market prices are projected to fall be­tween ¢12.60 for petrol, ¢13.40 for diesel and ¢14 per Kilo­gramme for LPG.


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