Free Methodist Church holds confab for pastors, leaders

The 10th delegates’ conference for pastors and church leaders of the Free Methodist Church Ghana, was held at Kabenya, in the Greater Accra Region, at the weekend.

The delegates were made up of 31 pastors and church leaders drawn from the 42 assemblies within the church.

Addressing the conference, the General Superintendent of the church, Rev. (Dr)  Ahmed Kenneth Quarshie, appealed to government to expedite the payment of depositors of the banks and microfinance institutions as soon as practicable, following the promise and commitment the President made to them.

He prayed that the good Lord would provide the resources for the payment.

Rev. (Dr) Quarshie said the church took notice of the debate that engulfed the compilation of the new voters’ register, and citing the Bible, he stated that, “laws are made for man and not man for the law, and therefore, those who made the law are more valuable than the law.”

He noted: “It is this reason why we have amendments and abolishing of laws in our jurisprudence, and there can never be a law or laws that are above the collective will of the people who made the law or laws.”

The General Superintendent admonished the Electoral Commission to engage more and seek further the collective will of the people for the compilation of the new register.

Rev. (Dr) Quarshie, appealed to the two political parties, NPP and NDC, to approach the issue of the new voters’ register with sincerity of heart, mindful of the nation’s collective interest “because Ghana is bigger than NPP and NDC.”

He said, if the advise was adhered to, not only would posterity look back to praise them, but would also tell story of how great their predecessors were in building a prosperous and peaceful country.

To the delegates, Rev. Quarshie admonished them to shun all forms of partisan politics which led to congregational divisions and turns to wean that hard earned reputable influence of the church.

Rev. (Dr) Quarshie said, the church is for the voiceless, strength for the weak, guide for the mighty, wisdom for the simple, advice to the prudent, example for the diligent, intercessor for the ruler, preacher for the perishing and teacher for the justified; hence the church could not allow partisan politics to cloud the judgment.

He admonished all Christians to take the obligation to the nation as serious as their faith in Christ, and take the sanitation of the environment important, urging all to participate in cleaning their homes and communities, to leave a legacy of clean and healthy environment for the present and unborn generations.

He asked the delegates to pray for the President, the legislature, the judiciary, and the ministries and agencies, among others, for successful governance.

By Daniel Amoo                      

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