Free Iftar food package for worshipers at Ghana Police Central Mosque

The management of Ghana Police Central Mosque at Cantonment in Accra is providing Iftar (breaking of fast) food package for about 450 Muslim worshipers at the Mosque for the 29 or 30 days Ramadan.

Beside, the ‘take- away’ the worshipers are being provided with Koko (beverage) with kose and other pastries, water , fruits as they gather there to break their fast.

Muslims gather together at Mosques to break their fast and observe prayers during the month of Ramadan, when they observed fast by abstaining from food and drinks and all other earthly desires from dawn to sunset, in obedience of the command of Allah.

Explaining further to the Ghanaian Times on Friday, the Imam of the Ghana Police Service, Deputy Superintendent of Police(DSP), Husein Abdur Rahim Husein, said that the management of the Mosque had been providing the Iftar at the Mosque, especially for those who might not be able to provide for their needs during the Ramadan fast, over the years.

He said breaking the fast in a group was cherished in Islam as it was the practice of the Holy Prophet of Islam to foster the spirit of unity, sharing and generosity among Muslims.

DSP Husein said financial support for the Iftar food package for the worshipers was provided by wealthy individuals and organisations whom he described as “Friends of the Mosque.”

While expressing appreciation to the financiers of the Iftar project, DSP Imam Husein said support especially for the poor and the needy in society, must not only be in the month of Ramadan but must be a way life as enjoined by the religion.

“We should see Ramadan as a school in which we practice and exhibit good deeds, we must continue to extend support for the needy in their daily lives to put smiles on their faces for the sake of Allah.”

Touching on the Mosque, DSP Imam Husein said the Mosque was “strategically placed” playing not only a vital role for the police as a place of worship and spiritual upliftment, but for the entire Muslim community.

He said the Mosque provided serene environment and facilities for holding of conferences and workshops by Muslim organisations, counselling session, learning of Arabic, library for research for both Muslims and non-muslims.

The Ghana Police Imam said teachers and students of Ridge Church School in Accra last year March paid a visit to the Mosque to interact with the management and learn about the activities there, adding that the Mosque served as a place for inter-religious dialogue toward peaceful coexistence among religious bodies.

The Ghana Police Central Mosque is under the management of the Ghana Police Service, and was constructed largely through the contribution of Muslim individuals and organisation, with the piece of land provided by the police administration.

It draws worshipers across the national capital, and among the worshipers during Jumah(Friday congregational prayers) are the Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, Ministers of State and Members of Parliament, Members of Diplomatic corp from Muslim countries.

By Salifu Abdul-Rahaman

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