Foster trust in democracy to protect individual rights – Adomako Kissi

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Anyaa Sowutuom Constituency in the Greater Accra Region, Dr Adomako Kissi, has called on the citizenry to foster trust in democracy in order to protect individual rights.

“We have to foster trust and confidence in our democratic governance, share our heritage, promote economic growth, and invest in the future by adhering to the highest standard of integrity, accountability, transparency and activities that strengthen and protect individual rights,” he admonished.

Dr Kissi stressed on the need for leadership to strive to guarantee relief, hope, aspiration and honesty citizens were entitled to by the society and to the electorate seeking to exercise their individual power.

In a statement issued and copied the Ghanaian Times in Accra yesterday, the MP urged Ghanaians to work hard to bring about an agreement to better serve themselves to uphold the tenets of democracy.

It noted that for transparency and fairness in government as Parliament considered the current proposals by the Electoral Commission (EC), on Ghana Card as sole identification for voter registration, it was the duty of MPs to bring people reliable information, keep accurate and complete records for posterity to examine.

The statement said incorporating an advanced technology for individual identification as seen in the National Identification Authority was appropriate as information technology was being used to improve election processes right from registration to the day the vote was cast.

It indicated that “if the proposal is passed it will make huge reform on the nation’s electoral processes,bring about more uniform, centralised, interactive and computerised voter registration database that can be well defined, maintained, and administered at the national level.

“It will also ensure Ghanaians have full access to the most convenient and accessible voting options so that they canexercise their privilege to vote in a safe and secure environment by making an extraordinary effort to promote civic engagement, outreach, create awareness, sensitise and educate them on the importance of registering and voting,” the statement noted.

It explained that it would also promote participation in the electoral processes and expand access to electoral information to get institutions running, progressive, efficient and effective to ensure the Legislative and Constitutional Instruments make EC’s work more visible, clearer and eventually improve the delivery of its service to the citizenry.

According to the statement, it would promote transparency and eventually reduce the chance of contesting the results of the elections when held and the notary public section within the processes of getting a Ghana Card would be valuable to the legal, business, financial,housing, real estate and other sectors of the economy.


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