Formidable, robust political activism in 2024 will secure NPP victory – Felix Ade

A leading member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Oti Region, Felix Ade, has stated that the hierarchy and leadership of the party will need a formidable and robust political activism to convincingly win the 2024 elections.

“The NPP will need a formidable, robust and focused political activism before Election 2024 to convince the electorates, floating and first time voters to vote for the party to win the next elections with a resounding victory,” he reiterated.

Mr Ade has expressed his interest in contesting the Regional Organiser position of the party to help solidify the party’s gains, focus and popularity towards breaking the eight years of political party power jinx.

He noted that his conviction to run for the position stemmed from an innate desire to see more formidable, focus and robust political activities towards victory in 2024 for the NPP which could become a reality “if members, supporters and sympathisers of our party unite and work harder towards the agenda.

“I am of the belief that my neutrality, fairness, firmnessand openness in leadership will help the party to break the eight years of political party power cycle which will become a historical feat in our political history in the Fourth Republic so my experience as a regional executive, will also offer me the opportunity to share knowledge and skills towards winning the next parliamentary election in the Oti Region.

“My administration will enhance the day-to-day machinery and activities of the party at the regional level by aggressively engaging the grassroots to serve as the fulcrum to champion the progress, growth and development of the party,” Mr Ade touted and emphasised “regional organisational structure was exposed during the last elections which shows going into the 2024 elections, the party will need a regional organiser, who is people-centered to carry everyone along”.

Mr Ade pointed out that to recapture the parliamentary seats the party lost in the 2020 elections, there was the need for the party’s machinery to be steadfast, focus, unite and work harder to break the eight.


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